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 Titel  "Meditation on Death"
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 Datum  08-08-2014
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Theophanidis, Philippe: "Michel Foucault 1984-2014: Meditation on Death". In: Aphelis, 24.06.2014.

(Text in englischer Sprache)

"What gives the meditation on death its particular value is not just that it anticipates what opinion generally represents as the greatest misfortune; it is not just that it enables one to convince oneself that death is not evil; rather, it offers the possibility of looking back, in advance so to speak, on one’s life. By considering oneself as at the point of death, one can judge the proper value of every action one is performing. Death, said Epictetus, takes the laborer while he is working, the sailor while sailing: “And what activity would you like to be engaged in when you are taken?” And Seneca envisages the moment of death as the moment when one will be able to become one’s own judge, as it were, and able to measure the moral progress one will have made up to one’s final day. In letter 26 he wrote: “On the moral progress I have been able to make in the course of my life, I trust only in death… I await the day when I will pass judgment on myself and know whether virtue was only in my words or really in my heart."

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