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 Titel  "Key thinkers – Michel Foucault" (Audio)
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 Datum  07-27-2013
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Key thinkers – Michel Foucault. Interview with Stephen Shapiro (2011)

Länge: 19:54 Min.

(Interview in English)

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"This interview provides an introduction to the revolutionary work of Michel Foucault (1926–1984), French historian and social theorist. Professor Stephen Shapiro talks about Foucault's major ideas about society, power and the individual, giving examples from history, literary studies and gender theory. Foucault's insights are located in discussions about the army, the classroom and the prison, and he discusses how ideas about marginal groups and practices impact on normal conversations, our bodies and how we live in society."

"This podcast was produced by Alexander Freer and Danny Smith as part of a series of interviews offering an introduction to the most important theorists used in the humanities and social science disciplines today. Alexander Freer is a third-year undergraduate English student specialising in Romantic Poetry and editor of Reinvention: A Journal of Undergraduate Research. Danny Smith is a third-year undergraduate PPE student specialising in Modern German philosophy."

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