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 Titel  "Social Control after Foucault" (PDF)
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 Datum  07-21-2008
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Lianos, Michalis: "Social Control after Foucault". [Transl. by David Wood and Michalis Lianos.] In: Surveillance & Society 1(3), 2003: 412-430.

(Text in englischer Sprache als PDF-Datei)

Schlagwörter: Michel Foucault, Überwachen, Surveillance, Panopticon, Panoptikum, Panoptismus, panoptische, Einsperrung, Gefängnis, Surveillance Studies, Kontrolle, soziale Kontrolle, Sozialkontrolle, Kontrollieren, Kontrollierung

"After the Foucauldian model, often misunderstood and projected without nuance onto the present, the study of social control has not progressed much. Meanwhile, changes on the ground call for the construction of a new theoretical paradigm which should take account of three contemporary tendencies: a)the embedding of control in the widespread and often consensual interaction between the user and the outlets and systems of institutional action; b) the emergence of an ´unintended control´, that is not oriented towards values; and, c) the inherent contribution of sociotechnical systems, which at once regularise social behaviour and project onto their users a consciousness formed around invisible, yet ubiquitous, threats. The paper proposes to understand these tendencies as part of the contemporary transition towards institutional normativity and institutional sociality, two concepts that the author has developed in other works. [...]"

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