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 Titel  Foucault On ´Pleasure Vs. Desire´
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 Datum  03-09-2008
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"Michel Foucault on ´Pleasure Vs. Desire´" (engl., You Tube Streaming, Audio + Fotos)

Jahr: 1983
Länge: 4:07 Min.

"In this 1983 audio clip, Foucault responds to questions about his last project - the multi-volume "History of Sexuality" (three of a planned six were published) ... here, he discusses the shift from the ancient, Greco-Roman sexual ethic that involved ´pleasure´ as the primary motif, to the modern (often psychoanalytic) notion of ´desire´ which became the modern ´key´ to unpacking the ´essence´ of the ´human being´ ... In the HOS, Foucault traces the historical genealogy of this transformation and in the first volume offers critiques of what he regards as a precarious, entrapping construct - ´sex,´ he says, ´is the most speculative, most ideal, and most internal element in a deployment of sexuality organized by power in its grip on bodies and their materiality, their forces, energies, sensations, and pleasures.´"
(Beschreibung des Videoinhalts)

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