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 Titel  "The Father´s No" (engl.)
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 Datum  08-20-2007
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Foucault, Michel: "The Father´s No" [Originaltitel: "Le ´non´ du père] Übers. v. Clare O´Farell, 2004.

(Text in englischer Sprache)


"This admittedly difficult passage is one of my favourites and I have had a problem with the way it has been rendered into English for some time. I have extensively modified the existing translation here. There are a number of errors in the published translation and sometimes the language is so obscure as to be almost incomprehensible. I have tried to provide an alternative and hopefully more readable version. I haven´t provided the French original on this page, but have given the reference." (Quelle: s.o.)

Französischer Originaltext:

Michel Foucault, (1971) ´Le "non" du père´. In Dits et Ecrits vol I, Paris: Gallimard, pp. 192-5

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